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I pity those who think they have nothing to hide as they are always first to fall.

Get the best of our blogs delivered to your inbox: CHP is of course trying to paint the situation as an isolated incident, but Rick Madsen, the lawyer representing the woman who discovered the activity, balked at this.

Maybe your prospective boo was "into politics. Big tit step mom. We were headed in the opposite direction, but she wanted to go back. Stolen cell phone naked pics. If we were to extrapolate the tarring of a group as people on this forum do over to say, being black in America, then all blacks must be criminals. I will now forever be thinking this way when pulled over. When she dropped her old phone and it broke, A. She wanted to take action. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them.

It's not giving the officers a pass, it's more about modern women's progressive distortion puritanism. None of the officers have been charged so far, but last week CHP Officer Sean Harrington, 35, confessed to stealing nude photos of a woman he arrested on DUI charges and admitted that he and other CHP officers have been swapping such images for years.

I know of none self-righteous enough to choose "Officer Jackass" as their chat alias. Only time will tell if this development is used for good or evil purposes, but for now we'll be searching for more bizarre words that bring us the nudes. Indian hd tits. I have a genius idea for a horror movie franchise, and I'm hoping a studio coughs up the cash to make it happen because it's genuinely the most terrifying thing I can think of.

Or I'll tase you until you have a heart attack. More than likely we'll hear about this again in a few years when the cops in question are rehired with back pay. Comments do not represent the views of Reason. There's tons of dead tree pubs that will never be digitized and 'free' because nobody gives a shit enough to do the work.

What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Solves the problem of hot chicks that don't carry a cell phone. You are proposing that people never take nude selfies, even if they store them on a secure device, to protect themselves from hackers and the police.

She mentioned that the employee who was working on my phone was flirting with me, but I ignored it. There are also various encryption options that are quite secure. If you're a cop. Because handguns can be copied and exchanged like digital pictures. But, still, it could have been worse. Curvy milf solo. That she stupidly put in a place where it wasn't secure.

If I may, I'd like to take a shot at this If you do take selfies, realize that someone up to and including everyone might someday know. Biggest real GF pictures and amateur sex videos archive on the net overEx Girlfriends.

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There is one downside, though: I didn't see anyone give the police a pass. The ones where women are sexually liberated, but none of us should even have impure thoughts about one another without sober documented affirmative consent. Girls pussy in. I have not read all the comments, and if that was said above, I agree, that's out of line.

Is the Airline Liable? You should be thanking me for clearing this up for you. Those with PTSD will understand how traumatic this can be. No one, but if it's publicized, there is an ever so slight chance that the officer will face some kind of mild negative consequence. This, jailing pacifists for handing out anti-draft pamphlets, and forced sterilization of women with Asperger's.

There is a phenomenally pervasive industry of men and women who are completely ok with being photographed naked. I think the worst thing I could call her for that is a touch naive, but all of the comments above calling her a "fucking idiot" and worse are way, waaaaaaaay uncalled for.

In this case, the victim did nothing wrong except be in a state in which a perverted sociopath had access to the sort of unaccountable power that allowed him to coerce her phone's password from her and steal her photos, but that situation is pretty much unavoidable in this country. Unfortunately, we have this gang of roving thieves who can take the money from me and there's little I can do about it.

The store kept her old phone, and she trusted the contents had been wiped. Stolen cell phone naked pics. And then, when you're complaining your dick pics got passed around by cops, do I then get to point out that A having no dick pics would solve that or B not putting them on your person when you're in public would solve that? She'd forgotten the provocative shots were even there. Porn lesbian tied up. No, no, you're right: At the store, it was taking so long to get my phone replaced that a friend who had been waiting in the car came inside to wait with me.

If the officers had taken and stolen pictures of these women's families or if they all drove nice cars and those pictures had been lifted, Reason wouldn't have run this story. Open the photo app and tape the magnifying glass in the upper righthand corner.

Start working at home with Google! She did take reasonable security precautions, but they didn't help.

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Wanting to spice it up, A. Maybe you shoukd go to a private message board where you won't have this problem. What do you mean "wrong"? Eventually, you'll throw it in those phone recycling things and those photos you "deleted" will be recovered and posted at some shit like "recoveredpornselfies.

If someone said that's what you had to do to keep the police from stealing your handguns, how would you feel about it? Stop posting this bullshit. In questioning, Lampert confessed to receiving the pictures from Stuart and to stealing images from other customers. It's amazing what reason will tolerate.

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From the Tundra I'm not suggesting there should be a law against taking naked selfies. Escort porn pics. So was I wrong to request any evidence that physical harm befell this woman by her photos becoming semi-public? Please don't call it Cali. Bottom line though, Google is keeping track of your nudes too! The day she went to the store to get her new phone, she was running late to work and was in a rush, she said.

Then again, charged doesn't mean indicted, indicted doesn't mean convicted, and convicted doesn't mean the sentence will be more than a slap on the wrist. Now if you do insist on taking such pictures, and you don't want them to go public, take a few precautions. Watch scenes similar to what you do with your own girlfriend when you have sex! Tags to describe SeeMyGF: So what you're telling the techies is: Please show how this woman was harmed by having her photos become public.

God how fucking stupid are you? If that's a problem in any way, see 1.


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