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She saw the hand in front of her out of the bottom of her eyes, but she was frozen, incapable of returning the handshake. Miku raised her gaze, but not enough to look into Luka's eyes; she couldn't afford to get lost in them again.

For a shy and awkward Miku, it took quite some time before she was able to look the other woman in the eye, but when she finally managed it, she was captivated again, just like with her voice. Brandi reed naked. Now was her chance to show Luka how much she really loved her.

Luka loved her luscious pink hair, the only problem was the seemingly infinite amount of time it took to get ready, and today time really wasn't on her side. Miku smiled and looked at Luka. Luka megurine naked. I reckon I can mange that. They both got to work on the soggy pink locks, blow drying and brushing simultaneously.

I want you to fuck me already! She traced her index over the pinkette's cheek. Select a favorite group to add this post to: The sound of crashing plates came form the kitchen.

Luka is a tutor, Miku is a world famous pop diva. Miku slid off the panties as well, and tossed them aside, leaving Luka completely nude. Stacy nude pics. Her relief was short lived as she noticed the large ornate clock on the wall. Luka moaned rather loudly. Luka relaxed and spread her legs apart, allowing Miku more room to put her tongue in.

Miku didn't know how to proceed. She was quite well off financially, and was upper-middle class, but this was unlike anything she had ever even dreamed about, let alone seen. Damn, she had a bitch to slap later.

Miku ran her tongue over the walls of Luka's mouth, exploring every inch. Luka was left in a black laced bra. You are Hatsune Miku; I'm your biggest fan. Miku felt Luka's womanhood through the black pieces of clothing. Miku's breasts weren't as promising as Gumi's or as her own, yet Luka found Miku's softer—not that she ever accidentally groped every girl in the Vocaloid house, of course.

When Luka is hired by Mr Hatsune, both of their lives changed forever. Were they too big for her? The first contact shocked her, it had been so long since Miku had shared and intimate moment with someone, the sensation felt foriegn.

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Miku took her finger away, making Luka groan. Hot chicks lesbian sex. Truthfully, Luka did have maybe a tiny crush on Miku The cooking time was around ten minutes, so Miku decided to take her shower first and eat after.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. They both got to work on the soggy pink locks, blow drying and brushing simultaneously. When Mikj wanted something, she was gonna get it. If one or all of the above creep you out, I suggest you leave I don't wanna be left alone She made Luka roll back again and she threw the piece of clothing away.

A light blush also appeared on Luka's cheeks. They knew what they were listening too, you couldn't possibly miss the boner. I'm Megurine Luka; I'll be your new tutor. Luka megurine naked. To Miku, no meal was complete without her precious leeks.

The doors came together before Luka could respond. Francine dee nude pics. I'd have to repay Miku could already feel herself evolving as a person. She saw the hand in front of her out of the bottom of her eyes, but she was frozen, incapable of returning the handshake. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. They slapped the both of them and dragged them by the ear.

I'll be back after your tutor session. Gakupo saw Kaito nosebleeding and the samurai sat next to the ice cream lover, indulging in Luka's moans. Those little things were big hurdles for her, and she was happy to finally be able to do them. Fixing the order is also permitted to some extent.

She took off the panties too, she didn't need them.

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Once again this is another un-beta read story, so sorry for any mistakes Hope you all like it. Did anyone like it? Miku went up with Luka.

Experimentally she put her index at Luka's entrance. Oh, what a porn magazine could teach you She took one last look at a teary eyed Miku, who was standing in the doorway.

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I own nothing o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Today was the day, the day that she got to meet the world famous Hatsune Miku. Straight girl dominated by lesbian. Her eyes began to relinquish their grip with the floor as they ran up the stranger's body. I'm Megurine Luka; I'll be your new tutor. Kaito looks like he got strangled, and Gakupo looks like he hit the back of his head, the girls proceeded to strip them naked afterwards for Luka's fapping material.

Luka pulled back and thrust her middle into her. If one or all of the above creep you out, I suggest you leave Miku got up and kissed Luka's cheek.

I think the guys passed out after having their trunks forcibly removed. Teacher milf porn videos Miku shushed her with a finger and began kissing her neck, then sucking at the pale skin. Luka megurine naked. Now Miku's face was flushed red. Promise me if you're gonna moan, moan?


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