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Jesse Ventura was great fun to work with.

We had many conversations because he was a real fan of the Blaxploitation era. Fuck your sister xxx. We're talking about something or more.

Was that a really significant movie for you in your career? Now Sonny, on the other hand, was crazy. Probably a couple weeks before we needed the Predator a box comes. I'd probably be happier getting a 31", but not sure if they are available in the UK I think that was the first time that I saw a Predator tattoo on somebody. Carl weathers naked. I'm inviting everybody up to have dinner so you can meet me," and then she started laughing again.

I thought Carl might've been politically active and done something, but Jesse? A slim not skinny fit would be ideal. And I brought him over right away to Joel.

Sylvester Stallone as Tango and Kurt Russell as Cash set about insulting the size of each other's manhoods, after Stallone seems slightly concerned when Russell bends over to pick up the soap, which, if anything, emasculates the two of them, therefore avoiding the usual problem with most of the scenes above.

I remember Arnold, he was actually very serious. It was kind of comical, these guys are all trying to outdo each other. It's really too bad they had to take Jean Claude out. Pony fucks girl hard. The second after they shut the movie down I went back to The A-Teamand we came back a few months later and went to where we should've shot the film — in Palenque, where it was lush and green. I think, of all the extreme macho posturing in this list, this one scene from No Retreat, No Surrender has to be, by far, the most ridiculously camp and unjustifiable scene ever to grace an action movie.

Hands him a shotgun bandoleer M: This kiss in From Here To Eternity has been voted as one of the all-time greats time and again, yet, for some unknown reason, people often seem to overlook a similarly surf-bound and romantic scene, perhaps because Rocky is an underestimated franchise. Gregory no longer is in charge, thankfully -- he was maybe not the kind of leader anyone ever needed. Before we shot every day, Arnold and his trainer and all of the big boys, they got up an hour and a half before breakfast and trained.

And I said "Who the hell is this? Fashion aside, special attention should be given to the brick-sized Walkman, as well as the small child in the background, who appears to be hypnotically entranced by the display. I knew that was gonna happen. We're not talking about 80 degrees. The Yellow Ranger in the Japanese show was a man I was in Joel Silver's trailer, and he had called for Jean-Claude to come see him.

It was all red so when we shot it in the jungle we could pull a matte off of it. She's in my room. It was just the vendors. One is the suit that when you can see him and one's the suit where you couldn't see him, which was a kind of a hold-out suit. Probably his most famous film performances came in the "Naked Gun" trilogy, in which he played Frank Drebin's best friend and partner, Nordberg, who often found himself in awkward situations.

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Even more when you see the original suit they used for the chromakeying. Lesbian vip porn. Now if you google "Predator tattoos" there are just pages of them. This alien bug looking one is still kinda creepy in its own, but I couldn't agree more about how menacing the real Predator looks like.

Filming in the jungle in the dead of summer is, uh, not ideal. So to find that group of warriors together out there searching for Billy I think could make any number of adventures. Public Domain Movie Podcast. The original suit, produced by Boss Films I think? So you're carrying your body weight, you have clothing on, and then you're crawling through the jungle on your stomach and there are coral snakes and spiders and scorpions and a lot of different things.

And she started laughing. Dillon doesn't help himself by spending the majority of the film acting like a jilted girlfriend who's being neglected by Dutch, while he runs around having fun with all his close male friends. Probably a couple weeks before we needed the Predator a box comes.

I know it's different denim, but with skinny's they always stretch out more than you first think I was an officer in Vietnam, commanded a rifle company in Vietnam, then did some reconnaissance work afterward. Carl weathers naked. Milf getting her nipples sucked. Wait till you see it cut together! Karras was an All-Pro defensive tackle who played 12 seasons for the Detroit Lions between and The journal that this archive was targeting has been deleted.

Books A Man Named Rene. Weathers played a commando in the classic Predatorand Apollo Creed in the first four Rocky movies, plus a few more obscure favorites of my own. Sorry for the bump. Best case scenario, he'd be wearing a bunch of makeup and some Spock ears.

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The greatest homoerotic action movie moments With The Expendables bringing 80s action movies back, Duncan salutes the homoerotic classic moments of the genre Spike Lee devoted an entire documentary, 's "Jim Brown: And he came back and got his stuff out of my garage. He didn't know when he signed on, hated it while filming, and it was one of the reasons he quit the film. It's hard to trust others advice because every ones body type is different. So I was intrigued by the fact that Joel asked me to shoot all the action.

Sorry, I meant like an original property. I was in Joel Silver's trailer, and he had called for Jean-Claude to come see him.


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