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It's when I'm just lying there and he squeezes his head in to my ass and sniffs I find that a turn off. Cleaning naked porn. Am I the only one that likes to sniff a girl's ass when it's not perfectly clean? Girls what would you think if your boyfriend was obsessed with your ass? I know that females emit pheromones, so that could be it, but even before I had sex, I was turned on by the thoughts of it?

I can honestly say I love bringing a woman to orgasm while kissing and licking her asshole. Girls ass sniffing. Who knows, maybe he spent his best years cleaning septic tanks? Everyone has great answers here. Pet Play and Ass Sniffing with Little Mina You're such a cute puppy, and Little Mina has been missing her doggie who passed away, so she would love for you to fill the role!

Smell fetish Fetish Tongue Foot fetish. I cant get it man. I love to sniff my girls asshole too. I'm a female, and my boyfriend loves to do what yours does.

I get the rimming, but the sniffing? When she plopped on the couch, she took off her sweaty thong to better relax. Amber and I were going to file into the bathroom to get rid of our farts after a fantastic lunch, but why waste the opportunity to share them with our fart slave?

I like it when a girl showers in the morning and then goes about her day I'm saying I have heard of rimming, I'm personally not into rimming ones ring of shit but I get that, it's pretty common. Not just sniffing, but licking and subsequently penetrating. Halle berry butt naked. Also, most women can't understand the appeal of another woman like I do. She would shower in the morning, go run errands, go to the gym, then come back and let me sniff. Generally, almost no women suffer from a fetish, because women are "wired" differently than men.

She uses him in her ass and even takes tastes before farting on the toy. Smell fetish Ass Amateur Mature. The erotica of the smell of ass. Usually she's so horny then and so am I that we wind up in bed fucking ourselves silly either in the ass or the pussy or both. It goes the same way with, "what stimulation does the sniffed get? There, my rant is over. Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.

Jasmeen is grateful t I haven't spoken to him about this before. Lovely ladies who love to sniff ass are fun to watch at play!

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ZachSmash is my brother. Adding to the stink was that she also had been farting in her panties all day long. Bbc fucks white girl. Do not take that away from him. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then it's not my place to judge or complain.

I cannot tell you how much that multiplied my sense of advantage because I already had an intimate knowlege of her most secret place that she had already shared with me. Smell fetish Big ass Handjob Japanese. With you expertly tied with rope, she has rendered you immobile and intends to subject you to some seriously kinky ass antics!

We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers. I came across a couple comments on this thread which claimed it made more sense to lick an asshole than to smell one but not to me, who licks something before they smell it. I love the smell when their anus is sweaty. Her warm mouth is as delicious as her wet pussy, and her sexy feet needed kiss Believe me as a married guy the times my wife has spoken up like that never needed a repeat.

I love attractive girls' butts girls that I subjectively deem attractive, anyway; preferences may vary with others and the musky NOT the 'dirty' kind you think of scent turns me on so much. Sext lesbian porn. It's not like it's something on my mind all the time, the thought's just passed through my head a couple times when I've been doing doggy style. Girls ass sniffing. Give to sniff it i love girl anus and butt meat too this make me delicious. Usually she's so horny then and so am I that we wind up in bed fucking ourselves silly either in the ass or the pussy or both.

Do u like it? That relationship has been over for nearly two years ended because circumstances changed; relationship became long distance. Smell fetish Emo Foot fetish College Soles.

He did say he was into the "taboo" so maybe that is what he means haha. Smell fetish School girl Japanese College Lingerie. Sassy Layla Moore went out and got herself pregnant, and her longtime girlfriend, Little Mina, had a hard time accepting her babe's indiscretion.

Lovely ladies who love to sniff ass are fun to watch at play! This thread is giving me a hard-on.

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In closing let me just add my hope that you will continue to allow your boyfriend to enjoy all your smells and flavors. Sometimes I will just be lying there and he will go down and start smelling my ass, it's like some form of foreplay to him as after that he wants to have sex.

If you feel uncomfortable with it you should tell him:


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